Goal setting and Gratitude Journal

I am not a big fan of New year new resolutions theme,  but I am a firm believer in goal settings. The last couple of weeks I have been hibernating and recharging my soul and yet processing what are my new goals now and going forward. This is a constant process, not a new year time thing. My primary goal setting is usually on my birthday. Goals make us rise above. They bring in inspiration in life to achieve and bring the best. We are not 100% done, and there is always an opportunity to do more. They are the anchors of our souls.

Goals are to be defined to each individual, and this is very personal commitments to each one of us. I have learned to set goals only the ones where I am really

  • passionate
  • want to achieve and
  • can achieve

I am not going to set a goal of going to Mars. I know I like to, but it’s not my ultimate motto. But saying that it can be to some people. We are all uniques and fantastic beings.

In my earlier career days, I had set a lot of wrong expectations and self-criticised for not achieving them. The problem was not able to meet the goals but having set wrong ones. We learn the hard way round right. Now I would like you all to set your goals for this coming year and minor ones on a regular basis like weekly or monthly. Having minor ones are crucial to keeping us in positive spaces, and short terms goals give us a kick for well done. I prefer the shorter one and one primary vision for the year.

Having a yearly vision or a theme is great. Can be a simple one like

  • Being more happier
  • Do pick a project from wishlist
  • Travel a place
  • Be more with family

Before we now pick up a pen and paper to do goal setting, I love you all to make a gratitude list.

Do pick each month of 2017 and write a gratitude moment for that particular months.

This helps us to go into the light space and if any dark moments come up transform to light moments. And now begin with goal setting.

The success of dreams and goals is being thankful for what we have and progress forward.

Best wishes for your goals and wish you a happy success.




Ps: I am happy to help you in goal setting or achieve a calmer mind. Contact me know further at info@experiencehealing.ie


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