21 days Free online Sadhana

Hi Beautiful souls,
I am excited to be announcing a new online program that starts on 11/11. 11/11 is the date to start this program. It is a beautiful date to start new beginnings.

Would you like to Join in for a 21 day Sadhana on Mindfulness for FREE?

(Sadhana means the disciplined and dedicated practice or learning.)

To create your very own personal space.
Sign up at the http://eepurl.com/c8OOV5

It is absolutely FREE.. Nothing to lose but to gain your own personal space and inner connection through Mindfulness and Meditations.

Follow the step by step instructions and commit yourself to a personal time for a relationship to yourself this time!

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with experience.

Really can it be so simple and doable for all ages and lifestyles? Yes, it can be achievable and done… and the only thing we need is the intention. Intention brings in everything together.
Nothing is tougher if we set our mind to do it. We have more excuses than the reasons to do something amazing. This is always the case for many years of our life. But we can shift it and change around. Now is the perfect time to do something for us and just for us.

After 21 days of mindfulness, you will have a fuller happier life and a loving relationship with yourselves.
The 21-Days that Will Change Everything
I have been practising Mindfulness for past 8 years actively and been teaching it to individuals, in schools and in the corporate companies. It is simple tools that can last life-changing effects. Everyone can do it. And I will help you in breaking some myths around it.

What people have said in past
“Srimanju shares practical, doable tools”, “ Srimanju goes tools for everyone”, “She helps in taking away any excuses”.

Did you know Mindfulness is a practice of only a few seconds or minutes throughout the day? You don’t need to dedicate 60 minutes at a stretch of your busy day. I can guarantee you the change after 21 days.

All you need to do is just dedicate few minutes every day to read the email that I send out for next 21 days  and follow the instructions which consist of

  1. Watching the video
  2. Doing the exercises which last few minutes
  3. Journal the feelings

That’s all I am asking you. We have a facebook group to support each other and share our progress which upon registration I will be sharing with you.

If you can do these.. simple sign up below.


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