Festival of lights – Diwali

Diwali is the occasion to celebrate victory over defeat. It is the festival to celebrate Light over Darkness and Awareness over Ignorance! In simple terms, Diwali is the occasion to celebrate Life.

When we were children, we looked forward to Diwali which is like a Christmas for those in my community in India. It was so fun with new clothes, toys, sweets and fireworks and surrounded by loved ones.  Everyone around was so happy and vibrant.

The inner light in all souls was shining. It’s like demon among us was at rest, and the light was brighter. Diwali is about the devil being killed,  the celebration of the triumph of Good over Evil

The rising of light in our life signifies a new beginning and, above all, clarity.- Sadhguru

I use the below mantra to bring in peace while meditating particularly on this auspicious occasion…

OM asato maa sadgamaya
 tamaso maa jyotirgamaya
 mrrityormaa.amrrita.n gamaya 
OM shaantih shaantih shaantih

This means: O Lord, lead me from the unreal to the ultimate truth, from the darkness to light, and from the death of ignorance to the immortality of knowledge. OM! Peace, peace, peace.

Repeat these mantras: I am at peace with myself. I appreciate who I am. I deserve to relax. I deserve to be happy.

We always make peace with ourselves when we are on the right path.

Extract from my book “Connect to your Inner Guide – 7 sutras to mindful awakening”.

Ps: I am aware that many of you don’t celebrate Diwali but it’s nice to celebrate light within us.

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I wish you all the enlightenment that Diwali brings. 




Namaste and Angels blessings

Srimanju Katragadda


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