Are you tired of going around the bushes?

I do tend to get in the habit of running around the bushes from time to time. Sometimes we have complex issues in our lives and we don’t have a clue how to face them or move through them. And we make it even harder for ourselves.

Don’t we all tend to take on more than we can deliver and beat ourselves to achieve it flawlessly and on time if that means we should sleep only 2 hours?

But there is a workaround and we can be better at it. Below are the 3 points I look at every time I get in the loop

  1. Goals

Set only achievable and realistic goals. If that means you need to say no to something. Rating than tiring yourself make yourself free space and take the best and do the best of what you can. Remember you are important.


  1. Energies

I tend to pick the tiredness when I have a lot on my plate to deal with, It like the panic of incompletion comes in. I snap it and get out of my comfort place and choose a place to work to be productive. Like a café, park, beach or a different room in home or library. Choose what appeals to you. This helps in shifting energies and then being productive.


  1. Recharge

Power naps are great to deal with recharging your batteries or if you are into reiki give some self-healing time or use of crystals, or a bath in salt water. Lemon water does help or herbal tea. Pick what is convenient for you and stick with it. Hug a tree or soak your feet on grass to be grounded. Tapping on your energy points or breathing or calming yourself. Giving space with 3-5 min helps to shift the stagnant energies from time to time.

These are the shifts to make ourselves better and productive instead going around the bushes. It not being multitasker it is about being pleasant and comfortable at doing things at your pace.

Best wishes with your productive day



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