Grounding how do you practice?


Grounding is one of the techniques I talk in every workshop and with clients where required. It is the foundation of your ability to grow and develop in a healthy manner in Mind Body and Spirit. Without grounding, we feel insecure, restless, like we don’t belong in the presence.

Grounding is a way of anchoring our physical, mental and spiritual selves to the mother Earth. By various techniques we can achieve the balance of being grounded and being spiritually connected.


 Simple Grounding Techniques:

  • Hug a tree: yes it is that simple. By reaching out and hugging a tree for just a few moments we can ground ourselves physically and spiritually. If you feel embarrased which we all do intially you can sit underneath or touch the trunk of the tree.


  • Walk Barefoot: Bring your attention to the Earth. Take a large breath in and as you breathe visualize a golden energy traveling up from the Earth into your feet and through your body up to your heart. Take those shoes off in the summer! Enjoy the warm weather and the feeling of sand or grass etc under your feet. It can done in your own garden as well.


  • Garden: This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. Just by placing your hands in the planting soil for a few minutes you can easily reconnect. Or in beach with sand as well.


  • Connect to your root chakra: Meditate on the colour red.

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