8 years ago this time I was on the way to getting the chronic illness. Didn’t know what was ahead of me at the age of 28. Having 2 little kids. Slowly being immobilised and finding to do simplest tasks longer time and impossible in some cases. Made way into mental health issues there was only darkness at the time I could see and feel. Within and outside. On painkillers self-prescribed and medicated ones.. steroids for pain relief. None of them worked of course..
Until the very moment, I switched to inwards to my own self.

Then things got to unfold and get better slowly at a snail speed but they did. A ray of light appeared and much more followed.
Now I am happy to accept I am better at emotion side and recovering from the physical side too. More mobile.. did Bray head, Glastonbury tor, hike in Greece. Step by step towards progressions. But can do it.. can change my circumstances. Only I can do it this journey of my soul and then my tribe will follow to support me. I am eternally grateful to all the people who came along to help and support me, even if it meant to say “I can understand you”
Sometimes a reassurance is that all we need.

Back from holidays of relaxation and switching off my mind helped me to see the beauty around even more colorful.
All this progression was done over months and years and a long way in future times too but the journey began. Work in progress as always.. #connecttoyourinnerguide is the result of it and how the seven sutras helped me to be whom I am active and much more energy than my early 20s.

You are never alone and will ever be.. we need to be open to receive and welcome the light into our world it’s never too late.
If this helps anyone who is stuck and wants to move along just ask for support… we are there for you
#expereincehealing #heartconversation


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