New Moon Spiritual Practice for the New Year 2017

New Moon is like that fresh empty vessel. Imagine your vessel is empty nothing in it right now and it’s our choice what to fill in with. And coming closer to New year its perfect time to fill up with all the loving words and good intentions.

And perfect time to reflect on this year on what went well and what can be done different and taking this opportunity to bid farewell with love and gratitude.

Make this time sacred and create the sacred space for yourself and your loved ones.


Cleanse your room, altar and make sure you leave windows or doors slightly open while doing it.

I use Sage or Pablo Santo sticks and if you don’t have them handy, set intentions to have these energies around.

I use Salt water if sage is not available. And flush the water away next morning.

Then light a candle and let your intentions reflect on this light.

Write down your desires or intentions for this day and for the year 2017 to bring into your life.  Be present and be committed to what you have written. Be practical and don’t overdo on yourself.

Keeping things simple and doable has high success rate. It’s okay, no one is watching it other than you.

Fully be present and repeat the below prayer as you do the ritual.

Repeat the prayer and tune with your own words if needed .. (prayers work with much ease when we use our tone to it). Be in meditative state for e few minutes, let this energy that is being created sync in with you.

I am Grateful for everything I have right now in my life.

I am appreciating and value what’s there and what’s coming down.

I am Grateful for a new start.

I release what’s not mine from the past.

I let go of attachments and openly accept life changes for my highest good.

I make new space and new light that shines upon me.

I am one with the moon, the best is yet to be reveled.

I ask the moon to help me shift my energies so I am able to receive these intentions at the divine timing.

Welcome this new year and new opportunities with wide heart and arms. Be creative and bring in yourself in this process. you can add in Crystals or angels or energy healing etc. in this process. Have a great time doing this and may all your wishes be-fulfilled.

Happy New moon and New Year.

Love and Blessings

Srimanju Katragadda


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