How to spiritually deal with Anger

Recently in a workshop I was being asked by couple of my students ‘how do I let go my Anger, in this time and age how can one possible not become angry at a situation or person or past events’? Is it even possible to be not angry?  Are there any tools to reduce or control anger or let go of it easily? When we were discussing about Reiki Principles in which it states “Just for today, Do not Anger”.

Anger at others or oneself or at the whole world, creates serious blockages in one’s energy and body. It is the most complex inner enemy and we all have that battle field in us. Letting go of anger brings Piece into the Mind.

Anger and resentment all stem from wishing we could change the past. While we can’t unfortunately, we can adjust our present and change the future. These are not from present.

Firstly, accept its okay to be angry and it’s only a part of an emotion. Before it takes over our space we need to tackle. Otherwise it’s okay from time to time we have human challenges to face the anger. It’s not easy one to be dealt with but need tools to work with it. And my question is why should we not be angry if a situation triggers?

I grew up being short tempered person and being angry for most of the things. But only realised when my parents visited couple of years ago how much have I changed. Best thing ever my mom said was I am not as angry as I used to be to that she remembered as a teenager.

Looking back last few years’ things have changed in myself not the situations at most. I have started to look at the situations at a different perspective. Like any of us I do sometimes get angry but I pause myself now and looking at it in a different angle.

When we let go of wishing the past could be any different, we open ourselves up to the beauty of the present moment and the peace always available to us. So what if today, just for today, you had no past? Your past was a clean slate, just like your future? How liberating would that be?

Try saying, “I forgive everyone for everything, most of all myself.”

Reason for this blog is to share the things that are working for me.

  1. Grew up hearing about Mahatma Gandhi – “if you are angry count up to 1-10 and your anger will be gone. Its only last few years its actually working for me because I am being more mindful
  2. Take a moment to write the details down – yes I do a lot of emphasis to write things down as it’s a healing on its own and a powerful one too. And when you write them do look back can you change any of them? If so, please write an action plan. And so what’s there for you to be angry now? Remember you are writing them down only to you. Not to show or prove to anyone else.
  3. And coming back to the things that are written that haven’t been resolved- if you are still angry take a deep breath and think if this is any good to be part of you if it’s still creating so much stress or anger in your current life? Could be an incident or person or a situation.

So perfect time to release it .. Take 3 gentle breadths in and out and repeat like aa mantra ” I am letting of the anger from my body and mind”, ” I am bringing in more peace and calmness in my life”

In keeping with our use of language that our subconscious mind gets and understands, let’s modify this one, shall we?

Just for today, I let go Anger and feel peace.

Remember when Anger is healed don’t leave the void in turn fill with peace or love.



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