What inspires me?

Everything around me inspires and put me to ease and in Be in the now moment.

The moment I wake up I see the sunshine (on a nice Irish weather) that puts me on a high vibe as I want to make the most.

Sky view from my home
Sky view from my home

On a gloomy day, it’s my Art and affirmations that I have a place right in front of my bed that inspires me.

It’s gets

 me going on a positive note..


Art and Affirmation to wake me up
Art and Affirmation to wake me up

Well, if I am gloomy inside then a Magic hug from my girls surely fixes it. I spend at least 5 min hugging them and cuddling in the wake-up mode :). Warmth or a hug in unconditional love. 

Life is good right by the sound of what you read above :). To tell the truth if most of you don’t know,  I wasn’t like this before or didn’t see the beauty around me so much.. Most of it went unnoticed unknowingly. No repents as it was in the past and nothing can be done. But I make most right now BEING HERE RIGHT NOW. Like a fresh start. It’s a New Day Which never happened before or happened in past. Sure I can’t  dive in the past or future if it’s not here.

“The Present moment holds the Key to liberation” – Eckhart Tolle

I have always liked to go on a time machine while as a child loved Sci Fantasy world imagining what else is there that I am not aware. Most of the Bollywood movies show that the real world didn’t show. And after coming to Ireland every opportunity I get to watch Disney movies I do. I love the message they give and Essence of it in this age and time.

Oh hang on and those Fortune tellers I went to every week back home in India. It’s was amazing. Not in a desperate situation to know my future but a question how do they do it especially the fortune teller through cards and a parrot. Card decks have been part of my life since I was 18. Little did I know I will do it myself or design or make one :). Life is Magic you never know what’s around the corner and bag full of surprises waiting just for us. 🙂


India Parrot reading
India Parrot reading

Yes, my baby project  Kids Angel App and cards are on the way. I am super excited about it. Hoping to release it this year will give more details in next one.

 Right so take this moment to look around and see what inspires you right now?

 What brings you happiness right now?

 And hang on write them down so you know it and our monkey mind registers it.

Until next blog Have a wonderful day

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